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Adventure Riding & Training


Moto Venue is the Midwest's premier adventure bike riding and training facility offering top level curriculum, trainers, and safety. Skills courses offer training progressions designed to match rider comfort and skills. Partial day, full day and multi-day sessions and motorcycle rentals available. Click the logo for more details

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The Great Lakes state is home to over 3,100 miles (4,989 km) of off-road trails, ranging from tame and picturesque, to gritty and challenging. On top of that, our tours are coordinated or led by six-time national Supercross / Motocross champion, Jeff Stanton. You'll appreciate our knowledge and passion for Michigan as we guide you through dense forests, open lakeshore, and everything in between. We customize our tours to suit riders of any ability level, from long rides through rugged terrain, to shorter rides with more stops that can include kayaking, hiking, and more. Your ultimate adventure tour of Michigan is finally here. Click the logo for more details

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